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This black foot switch and dimmer is designed for use with floor lamps, so you can just step on the switch to effortlessly turn your floor lamp on and off and adjust the brightness of your floor lamp with foot switch. Step on the large round button on the switch to turn your dimmable floor lamp on (green indicator light will also turn on). Step on it again and hold your step (long press) to alternate between your lamp’s minimum and maximum brightness. Another short step on the button turns your floor lamp off (also turning off the green indicator light).

Two adjustment screws at the back of the switch allow you to set the minimum brightness and the speed of the dimming when you long press the button. Use a Phillips screwdriver for this.

The foot switch and dimmer comes with a power plug (1m long wire) and connected adapter (0.5m long wire) for your floor light (works well with dimmable LED, incandescent, or halogen lamps).  

Dimmer Technical Details

Product Number B-F200DIM
Nominal Operating Voltage
200 - 240v AC
Rated Power
2 - 150
LED Rated Power 2 - 100W
Dimming Technique Trailing Edge 
Dimensions Ø83 x 24 x 16.5 x 42.6mm
Warranty 36 months


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