If a Green Earth completely fails (due to a product fault) within the warranty period from the purchase date, the purchaser will receive a replacement free of charge. The faulty product must be sent to Green Earth office if requested along with the warranty claim form, receipt and postage paid by the sender. This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the purchaser. Green Earth reserves the right to make the final decision on the validity of any warranty claim. Therefore, if necessary, the customer must to return the defective product to Green Earth.

1. Warranty Period

Green Earth offers a limited replacement warranty on products that fail due to defective materials or workmanship. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase.

2. Warranty Terms and Conditions

The warranty period starts on the date the goods are purchased from an authorised Green Earth retailer. All fittings must be installed by a licensed electrician, as required by law, unless specifically stated as a DIY product. The product must only be used in accordance with Green Earth specifications, guidelines and instructions.

3. Limited Warranty

The warranty as described only applies to Green Earth products. The warranty is only applicable to the party purchasing the products. Green Earth warrants that each product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. If a replacement is required under warranty, proof of purchase (such as the original dated purchase receipt) from an authorised Green Earth retailer is required to make a warranty claim. Proof of installation for products installed by a licensed electrician is also required for replacement under warranty. DIY products are exempt from the clause.

4. Balance of Warranty

To the maximum extent permitted by law, any replaced products by Green Earth are covered only by the balance of the warranty period remaining from the date of purchase of the original Green Earth product.

5. Limited Replacement Warranty

In addition to the limited warranty terms set out under section (3), the following will apply. Where a consumer asserts that a product installed is faulty, and a Green Earth service agent has attended the property, A SERVICE CALL FEE OF ($100 + GST) WILL BE CHARGED TO THE CONSUMER IF: The product is not a Green Earth product. There is nothing wrong with the product or to the extent that the failure is not a failure of the product to perform in accordance with its published features and specifications as reasonably determined by Green Earth. The original installation of the product was not carried out by a licensed electrician. The installation is not performed in accordance with the relevant Green Earth product installation instructions. The defects have been caused by incorrect application, abuse or misuse by the consumer. Unauthorised alterations have been made to the original product. A holding deposit of $100.00 + GST will be taken on all in-home warranty claims BEFORE a Green Earth service representative will attend the property to asses the claim.

6. Limitations and Conditions

This is a limited warranty and excludes, among other items, installation, incidental and consequential damages, other extended costs and is further defined by the limitation and conditions set out below.

Subject to Consumer Rights, but otherwise to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Green Earth warranties provided in this document will not cover the following:

Products that are not purchased from an authorised reseller. The authorised reseller is trading outside terms and conditions as set by Green Earth. Products where installation was not carried out by a licensed electrician as required.

Products not installed in accordance with the product’s installation instructions or Products not used in accordance with the instructions for use or Defect, damage or failure to a product resulting from misuse, accident, neglect, abuse, tampering, modifications or unauthorised repairs being carried

Damages not caused by a fault in the product materials or Defect, damage or failure to a product resulting from any acts of God, including damages from lightning or power grid fluctuations. Replacement of batteries supplied with certain products. Remote controls are not covered by warranty. Power supply “noise”, intermittent “humming” or other influences from mains power delivery infrastructure. Signals sent through the power grid by the electricity provider for the control of off-peak hot water, street lights and other devices may cause an intermittent humming noise in your product. Filters for blocking/reducing such signals are available in Australia at the customer’s These noises do not indicate the product is faulty. Damage caused by alternative power systems (for example: solar inverters, ). Water damage of any kind caused by inappropriate placement of fittings not IP rated for that area of installation. The cost of renting, obtaining and using special access equipment (i.e. scaffoldings, scissor lifts, etc.) for accessing products installed at a height of greater than 1 metre. Travelling costs incurred by Green Earth personnel or service agents travelling greater than 25km from an authorised service agent. Non-structural corrosion damage of non-316 Stainless Steel components such as surface rust or minor Corrosion or rust occurring on aluminium or 304 grade stainless steel fittings that have been installed within 2km of any salt water environment. LED fittings must not be installed on same circuit as fluorescent lighting, exhaust fans, bathroom 3 in 1 units, ovens and microwaves. Having these installed on the same circuit with LED light fittings will void warranty.

7. LED Strip

Must be installed on an aluminium heat sink or aluminium profile.

Must be used with correct 12v DC or 24v DC Power supply with allowance of 30% from maximum load of LED Driver. Must not exceed maximum length specified on Website and Catalogue.

8. Hours of use

Can only be used at a maximum of 4 hours continuous with a rest period of 1 hour before being switched back on with a maximum usage of no more than 6hrs per day for 2 Years warranty to apply. Otherwise, the following warranties will apply:

8-12hrs of continuous usage, 18 months warranty will apply

12-24hrs of continuous usage, 12 months warranty will apply

Can only be used with maximum continuous run specified in catalogue.

Must be operated within temperatures of 0° to 50°.

Must be installed as per installation instructions (if not supplied these instructions can be obtained through the Green Earth website or by contacting Green Earth sales dept.),

9.LED Drivers

Must be well ventilated with min ambient operating temp to be at 2° and max ambient operating temp at 50°. Humidity to be no greater than 55%.

Can only be used at a maximum of 8 hours continuous with a rest period of 1 hour before being switched back on with a maximum usage of no more than 12 hrs per day for 3 Years warranty to apply. Otherwise, the following warranties will apply:

8-12hrs of continuous usage, 18 months warranty will apply

12-24hrs of continuous usage, 12 months warranty will apply

Voltage supply must be within range of 220V – 240V ± 2%

Drivers are not covered by the effect of off-peak power supply from electrical supply companies.

Additional Information

Green Earth branded globes are supplied with a 2 year warranty across the range with the following being an exception. 12V MR16 Performer globes which have the following warranty and special conditions. 1 Year Warranty Conditions: Due to the complexity of extra low voltage LED and the subsequent effects that may occur when operated with halogen transformers we have implemented the following conditions for warranty. A 12 month replacement warranty applies to all consumers who operate our MR16 on conventional electronic halogen transformers. This warranty is provided on the basis that the transformer/s are not electromagnetic (I.e Iron core), the transformers have a minimum load no greater than 10W and the transformer/s are not older than 5 years of age. 3 Year Warranty: This warranty applies to consumers who operate our MR16 on dedicated LED Constant Voltage drivers of brands other than Green earth which do not have a minimum wattage greater than 10W. 5 Year Warranty: This warranty applies only to consumers who purchase and operate our MR16 with the dedicated Green Earth LED Constant current driver. Green Earth branded Genius globes including PLS, PLC, PLL, PLT and Circular 5 Year Warranty: This warranty applies only to consumers who bypass existing ballast on installation. Photographic proof with warranty registration required.

Special Warranty Conditions:

A 2 year replacement warranty applies to all consumers who operate on existing electromagnetic ballast. This warranty is provided on the basis that the ballast/s are not older than 5 years of age. Use of this product outside of these conditions will void warranty claims.

Making a warranty claim

In the unfortunate event that Green Earth branded product fails to meet the expectations of a customer and a warranty claim is requested, the end consumer of the product must fill out the warranty claim form (available for download on Green Earth website) and submit the claim directly to Green Earth office via email to sales@greenearth.net.au

Our office will respond to the claim within 1 business day. Once the claim is finalised, Green Earth will produce a written report and will ensure all relevant parties are notified of the outcome. We understand that it is sometimes more convenient for a consumer to return a product to the store of purchase and claim under warranty, however, any in-store replacement warranty claims without the relevant claim form and or customer's proof of purchase will solely be at the risk of the purchaser and maybe rejected if Green Earth findings do not meet the conditions of warranty.