5 meter 4000K Cobra Pro Weatherproof COB LED Light Strip Kit - 50W


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Over the past few years, LED strip lighting technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. No longer used simply as decorative lighting in a child's bedroom, it is now so advanced that it is possible to achieve hidden functional lighting that has the ability to light up a room just as you would with downlights.

Our COBRA PRO do-it-yourself professional kits is the perfect way to enhance your surroundings with functional lighting that is thin and flexible you can place it just about anywhere.

We know strip lighting can be very confusing for the average consumer to choose. With so many available options on the internet how do you know you're making the right choice?

First lets look at the COBRA PRO key benefits

  • This strip is the latest Professional Grade DOT FREE COB technology 
  • At 10 watt per meter and over 900 lumens (brighter than most LED downlights), this kit is unmatched by any other on the market!
  • This 5 meter kit can be cut (by yourself) to your desired length, it's flexible to go around corners, and so thin (only 8mm wide and 2mm tall) you can practically hide it anywhere.
  • In fact, we guarantee that this LED strip light kit is the best in Australia, that if you're not 100% happy, we will refund you in full.

Where would I use this strip lighting?

Here are our tips for strip lighting.

  • Start off with a small project such as the kitchen and add some functional light to the meals preparation area or highlight the breakfast bar

  • How about the Bathroom? LED strip around the vanity gives great functional light whilst at the same time highlights the features and adds depth 

  • The living room is another great area for strip lighting. Around the ceiling to add height to the room as well as giving you the ability to dim the strip for ambiance and create mood. For this room we would recommend the Dimmable strip kit.

How to choose what colour temperature strip to use in different areas?

This is the $64,000 question. Our tip would be to use cool (4000K) in the bathroom, Kitchens and laundry. This gives you a crisp clean feel. Also in the garage and areas where you have existing white or light tones in your tiles or cabinets.

Contrary to many beliefs, the light output of warm white versus cool white is no greater than the other. The image below can give you an idea of how visually the colour temperature will appear.

Still have questions? That's ok. This is what we are here for. See that chat button down the bottom right hand corner? Tap it and chat to one of our friendly professionals now. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. We want you to make the right choice, so give it a go. Chat to us now!


Voltage: 240V

Wattage: 10W/meter

Lumens: 1100lm/meter

Light source: COB Flip Chip

Colour temperature: 4000K

Support dimmer: Yes (Optional)

Product material: COB Strip with Weatherproof non dimmable LED driver 

IP rating: IP65

Features: High Output COB Dot Free IP65 strip flex with 3M self adhesive tape in a convenient Plug and play DIY Strip Kit for indoor use. The use of this strip requires mounting on aluminium extrusion.

Options: Custom made options include longer lead wire from driver to first strip, dimmable by remote control or Wifi smart technology.

Warranty: 5 Year 

Product dimensions: 5000mm (Strip length only) 8mm x 2mm (Strip height and width)

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