Extension Cord White for Festoon Lighting 240V


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Have you experienced having set up your perfect festoon lighting in your cosy area only to find out the power plug doesn’t quite reach the power outlet? Or, even if you did manage to plug in the festoon cables, were you able to do this only by adding in more festoon lights but now, some of them are on the ground?

Avoid these situations with our black extension cords for festoon lighting. Available in 3, 5 and 10 meters, you’re sure to bridge any gap between any power point and your festoon lighting. Unlike most other festoon lighting and extension cords, ours is made from thick 1mm commercial-grade cables so you can be sure they’re more durable and reliable than the thin, flimsy cables commonly found in other festoon lights.

These extension cords are a snap to connect to our festoon lights, and waterproof too, very easy to use in outdoor settings in any weather condition. They’re also IP65 rated—better and safer for outdoor and indoor use than the common festoon lights and extension cords that are often only rated IP22 to IP44.

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