Egg IP65 Colour Changing Wireless Indoor Outdoor Table Lamp


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Bring the versatility of these amazing LED lights to your home. The reliable polyethylene ball is loud and durable, which means that it can withstand some of the worst weather conditions or be used in a rainy garden with no worries about water damaging its inner electronics. This sturdy egg nightlight provides bright colors that change for up to 12 hours on one full charge. The connection cordless night lights are waterproof as well as shockproof; therefore, they can go in the backyard without any concern if you happen to drop them during events. These eye-catching decorations make incredibly handy lamps for evening outdoor celebrations too!

This elegant lantern provides both gentle illumination and inviting festivity. The remote-controlled light can be set to a single color or the lights will change automatically in delicious shades of pink, orange, purple and green. Like all our products, it is manufactured to high standards using quality materials free from lead and harmful substances. It's easily transportable indoors for parties - or just to provide a wash of even illumination anywhere else you need it!

Size: L 13cm * H 18cm

Charging & Battery
240V 50/60Hz Input, 4.2V 1800mAh Output, AUS Standard Charger Adapter
Charge time:
Use a plug to charge in 5 hours
Working time:
Up to 12 hours

Warranty: 12 months

Charge port with a waterproof cover on the base of the sphere

Unauthorized disassemble of solar products will affect the waterproof system and avoid the warranty terms

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